Mar 07, 2020 · The default gateway is an access point which is used by a networked computer to send out the information to a device in another network. For example, if your PC is requesting a connection to a certain internet web page, it first runs through a default gateway and then retreats from the local network, and only then connects to the internet.

from the configuration you have listed above, it will not work. When you put it wrong default gateway, windows will prompt you of the issues you will have but it will still save your settings. There is one thing you could do so solve the problem, that is, changing your server's subnet mask to match that of the gateway. and I have some issues with wifi. At home when I connected to wifi and was on some websites my connection just lost. the yellow triangle appears on wifi. I troubleshoot it, it says that default gateway is not available and restarted wifi adapter and wifi started to work again. (for another 5 mins.) and it was like a neverending story. Upon troubleshooting, “Default gateway is not available error” would show up. Advertisements In this tutorial, we will cover few methods to get rid of such network issues that cause limited connectivity problem in Windows 10. For Windows 10, Go to: Network & Internet settings-> Ethernet->Change adapter settings->Find your ethernet adapter->Right click and find properties of it->Find Internet Protocol Version 4->Assign the static ip and put the ip of your router in the default gateway (if you're directly connected to the modem, instead of router's, put modem's ip).

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