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Feature request: add GUI option to selectively - DD-WRT While you are at it, why not include the ability (per page) to Import/Export static leases, mac filters, access restrictions, port forwards etc to CSV or plain text. Would make things a lot easier to manage multiple routers or to cleanly upgrade firmware or for swapping out one router for another. dd wrt - DD-WRT: Command-line to get DHCP-lease time not This is an example of my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router (with DD-WRT installed) connected devices showing: Active (transmitting) wireless clients. Clients whose DHCP Lease Time has not expired (configured to 180 minutes in my case). As I use to enter the device via SSH, I would like to develop some script to obtain the second table: DHCP Clients List.

Just installed DD-WRT (v24-sp1) on my Buffalo WHR-G54S. It's setup is pretty straightforward, but I'm having one problem (and am awaiting confirmation over on the DD-WRT forum). I'm trying to assign static DHCP leases to some client machines on the network. I'm on the right page (Services- Static L

Feature request: add GUI option to selectively - DD-WRT

I was able to do static leases by hostname (instead of MAC address) using dnsmasq on DD-WRT, where I had to explicitly pass the dhcp-host option, as OP mentions. I think this provides some flexibility on simple SOHO setups where a client could connect to the network, alternating, sometimes via ethernet, sometimes via wireless.

Jul 12, 2017 Setting a Static IP Address using Static DHCP Lease on DD-WRT