Apr 14, 2017

The simplest way to change your PC’s DNS server is through the Network Settings. To do this you must: Right click on the Network icon in the system tray. Now click on the Open Network and Internet Settings. Open Network & Internet settings; Now under the Change your network settings panel, you must click on Change Adapter Settings. Change the DNS on Windows 7.5 We still can not change the DNS or IP settings on a WM phone ever since Ver 7 or 7.5 came out. This is a feature that many techies,developers and users have asked for. Apr 15, 2020 · It is a free alternative server that users can connect to, no matter where they live. The purpose of it is to resolve domain names for any host on the Internet. You will have to change your network settings to use to Google DNS servers. Use Windows search to find Settings or right-click the Windows button and choose Settings from the menu. Dec 29, 2014 · Change DNS Servers in Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 It’s not easy to find this hidden option, but the good news is this works on all flavours of Windows. Search for “Network and Sharing Center” which will bring up a window that lets you choose the option “Change adaptor settings” . 6. Select Use the following DNS server addresses, and enter: Preferred DNS server:; Alternate DNS server: . 7. Finally click the OK in this and the previous windows to save your changes. Windows 8. 1. Open the Control Panel. You can either: On the Start screen, type 'Control Panel' and click on the Control Panel link in the Sep 28, 2018 · Configuring your network DNS settings on Windows PC: Before you change DNS settings, it is advised you to note down the current server addresses or settings. This may come in use when you want to back up and like to revert with the same settings at any time.

Apr 05, 2016

Mar 25, 2019 How to Change DNS Servers in Windows - Lifewire Open Control Panel. On Windows 8.1, select Network Connections from the Power User Menu, then …

Press the Windows key. Type Notepad in the search field. In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator. From Notepad, open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. Make the necessary changes to the file. Select File > Save to save your changes. Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Feb 18, 2019 Modify your hosts file