Surface rt support

End of support essentially means the company stops adding new features and ends complimentary support for that version of Windows. But it still provides bug fixes and patches. Lumia 1520.3 Surface RT

Windows route add command

Dec 25, 2008 · Click Start -> Run (or at Start Search in Windows Vista or Windows 7), and type in Cmd, then press Enter to open a command prompt window. The syntax of route command to add a routing table entry: route ADD [destination IP address or subnet] MASK [subnet mask] [gateway IP address] [metric] IF [interface] Not all parts of the syntax is mandatory.

Tor anonymous email

The following is a list of email services hosted in hidden services to send and receive anonymous email through Tor. Always remember that you will not have a clue about who the administrators are. It might be the NSA, a scammer, someone without technical competence or someone wonderful who really cares about your privacy.

L2tp tutorial

OpenVPN Setup Tutorial for Android (Root required) L2TP VPN Setup Tutorial for Android 2 (GingerBread) L2TP VPN Setup Tutorial for Android 4+ (HoneyComb and above) PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial for Android 2 (GingerBread) PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial for Android 4+ (HoneyComb and above)

Delete browsing history on iphone

To do this, simply hover over the item you want to delete, and then click the “X” that appears next to it. If you click “Clear all history” the “Clear browsing history” panel (shown earlier) will slide out and you can again choose to delete everything including cookies, form data, and so on.

Norton antivirus and internet security free download

Mar 06, 2020 · Avast Free Antivirus 2020 Download Trial. Free Norton Antivirus and Internet Security 2020 Download (90-Day Trial) In this guide, we learned about the Norton antivirus which has been developed by the Symantec Corporation. We discussed its different features and packages.

Vmware virtualbox

2019-11-13 · VirtualBox 和 VMware 使用不同的虚拟机格式,不过他们都支持标准的开放式虚拟化格式。将已经存在的虚拟机转换为 OVF/OVA 格式就可以导入其他的虚拟机程序。不幸的是,这并不总是奏效。 …

Download new mac os x

Sep 06, 2019 · Install macOS or OS X from Internet Recovery Mode, which you can boot into by holding option+command+R while your Mac powers up. Download the relevant macOS or OS X installer from Apple, then use Terminal to create a USB installer you can boot up from.

Xbox 1 360

Oct 21, 2010 · The Xbox 360's controllers are slightly smaller than Xbox 1 units, and generally feel more comfortable to hold. The wireless controller particularly has a nice, solid weight which doesn't become a

Vpn service comparison 2017

May 13, 2016 · Best VPNs 2017: How VPNs work. VPNs open a secure “tunnel” between your laptop, phone or tablet and the VPN provider. The data in this tunnel is encrypted end-to-end, and therefore unreadable

Bbc iplayer down

How to watch BBC iPlayer in the US with a VPN. Follow these 4 simple steps to watch BBC iPlayer in USA:. Subscribe to a VPN (Our Tested Recommendation PureVPN).; Download and open VPN app and log in with your credentials.; Connect to a server in UK from the list.; Now visit BBC iPlayer, create a FREE Account and start watching BBC in USA.; For Postal Code use EC3A 8BF for London, M1 2BG …

Watch your series

From classics like Sex and The City and the Sopranos to today's favorites like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies, watch your favorite HBO series today.

Best network routers

Jun 05, 2020 · The Best Wi-Fi Mesh Network Systems for 2020. Now that working from home is just as important as gaming and streaming, defeating Wi-Fi dead zones is more important than ever.